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Evolution CBN Wheels 80G 200 x 32mm

€135.00 Inc Vat

Evolution CBN Wheels 80G 200 x 32mm View Large Image


  • 200mm diameter with a 32mm wide face
  • 80 grit CBN coating: perfect for re-grinding or re-shaping HSS tools
  • Coating extends 15mm down each side
  • Very little heat produced during grinding, eliminates bluing Cuts fast, requiring minimal pressure, produces an even finish
  • Wheel stays flat, true and smooth running
  • Lasts many years, may never need replacing
  • Effective from 100rpm to 3,500rpm
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Evolution CBN Wheels 80G 200 x 32mm €135.00 Inc Vat Out of Stock
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This CBN wheel is 200mm diameter with 32mm wide face; the 80 grit coating is perfect for re-grinding or re-shaping HSS tools. Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is a ceramic abrasive second only to diamond in hardness. Electroplating this abrasive onto the rim of a solid steel wheel creates a grinding wheel with outstanding performance.

The wheels are factory balanced ensuring they run ultra smoothly when fitted to a suitable bench grinder. CBN wheels are at their best when grinding HSS steels as well as powdered metal and hardened carbon steels. This makes them invaluable for maintaining the edges of woodturning tools and other hand tools. Whether it is bevel edge chisels, screwdrivers or drill bits, CBN is the best material for grinding hardened steels. Attempting to grind unhardened steel or soft metal such as aluminium, copper etc is detrimental to performance and results in a clogged wheel.

These wheels do not require coolant, as they generate hardly any heat. It is practically impossible to burn or blue a tool unless the user is particularly heavy-handed. It needs very little pressure to sharpen a tool; generally, the weight of the tool alone is sufficient. The face of the wheel will never need dressing; it will always remain flat and run true.

These outstanding wheels have an almost indefinite life if treated with respect. Since they cut very efficiently, you only remove a minimum of steel to get a fine and evenly sharp cutting edge, meaning your turning tools last longer. You only purchase a CBN wheel once, making it an excellent investment.

N.B. To fit these wheels onto the Axminster AT8SRG2 (505195) or the AT8G2 (505196) grinders, you will need to purchase 104371 18mm Adaptors

Bore Size 1.1/4"

Wheel Diameter 200 mm

Wheel Width 32 mm

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