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Posted: Sun, 25 February 2018, 20:25

Next week will see the opening of our new timber store. While we were arranging the various planks from around the world it was hard not to admire their beauty and imagine their future. As part of our commitment to manufacturing the finest furniture and craft pieces we are ensuring our future and environmental responsibility by purchasing our wood from managed forests that have replanting programmes. This is a practical way to ensure you enjoy your furniture knowing that future generations will also benefit.

Wood makes us feel comfortable and close to nature. Everyone who has run their finger along the grain or noticed the distinctive smell… it evokes a memory of the majestic giants swaying in the wind. No one will ever understand wood as it is as unique as you or I. It is a magical natural material that has brought joy to us all. You could nearly say we have all grown from little acorns. From childhoods climbing on trees, walking in forests or even carving a loved one’s name, nature has provided us with this valuable renewable resource that is flexible to use, from the construction of homes right down to the finest piece of hand crafted furniture that decorates our rooms.

So when you are passing drop in and see our timber store and create the future.

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